Do you lack confidence in your workplace or struggle to stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape?

Are you afraid of falling behind or feeling lost in a dynamic environment?

Do you want to elevate your career and become more empowered?

I’ve enjoyed success as a woman in tech for more than 20 years, and the simple truth is, women need more support, encouragement and opportunities, and the space to grow!

Thriving in technology as a professional woman can be challenging! I understand the complexities and adversity we face in our attempt to strive in a male-dominated industry.

For me, motivating, inspiring and supporting women in tech to “make a positive impact” as leaders is what lights me up every day!

I specialise in helping high performing women in technology enhance their leadership capabilities, build confidence and elevate their careers to the next level!

Finding your passion and purpose is your key to greater success and confidence!

“When we can live, work and lead with kindness and compassion, we are more balanced, more creative, more connected and more effective.”

We are on the praecipes of change. After a 20yr low of females taking up technology studies in university, we have turned a corner, we realise that in order to meet our customer needs, our needs, we need to apply critical thinking to solve complex problems – the problems that do not even exist yet. We need diversity of thought.

– Nichol Stark




Diversity is at the heart centre of every great organisation!

I use real-life strategies, success rituals and lessons I’ve learned to inspire others to embrace diversity, acceptance and tolerance in all forms.

No matter who you are, you deserve to be in any place and any space!



Ladies, you can have a more balanced life!

Don’t believe me? It’s all about finding your passion, purpose and voice!

When you can live and work in alignment with these three key success rituals, you will make a difference to you and those around you!



One thing I’ve learned as a leading woman in technology is we must support, nurture and encourage women to inspire other women too!

Together, we can build better tech teams that are more resilient passionate, energised, innovative and strong.


My Journey To Unlock the FemeTech Revolution!

25 years ago, I started from ‘ground zero’, talking to clients on the telephone to understand their insurance needs. But my love of listening to clients combined with my inquisitive nature, made me ask questions about the integration of the customer experience with technology and how it all hangs together.

So, after just 12 months, I was promoted to a Systems Tester, responsible for testing new insurance quoting functionality for Contact Centres…the rest is history!

Over the next 10 years, I moved across strategic projects, transitioning from a variety of leadership, training and engagement roles using my skills of collaboration and critical thinking to lift leadership capabilities through transformation.

I did it all – and I loved it! Working in technology and with people is my passion!

But, like so many other professional women, being a wife, mum and woman in business also means it hasn’t always been an easy path to success!

As you know, success comes in many forms, so living, working and thriving in a tech world as a woman, can be… well… challenging!

I’ve worked with hundreds of professional women in technology and know firsthand how things like imposter syndrome, self-limiting beliefs and navigating cultural environments can hold you back.

Now, my mission is to help you to understand your true value, find your voice and stand up to the challenges of working in the tech industry to accelerate your career to the next level!  

Don’t be afraid; the choice is yours! It’s time to THRIVE as a woman in tech!

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