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Over 2 jam packed, fun filled days of learning and experiences. 
We had 150 women & a hand full of men, all from corporate, government and start ups share their experiences of leadership, career transition, personal development & growth and  emerging technology.
38 speakers, 10 masterclasses, 3 fireside chats and 11 University teams attend the FemeTech Revolution at The Hilton, Sydney 6 & 7 November 2019

Who attended FemeTech 2019

Recognising your strength

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What our guests told us

Today I got to talk about bits, blocks and the future of work. Nichol Stark did a great job curating the two day event
Amazing to be a part of the Inaugural FemeTech Conference yesterday. Extremely privileged to be a speaker amongst some fantastic speakers and stories, and share my personal journey on Work/Life Integration. I was then lucky enough to be apart of a terrific panel with Kathryn Maggs, Sarah Yip, Chantal Velasque, Cassy Read and share our Leadership insights, with Katie and Nic leading our questions. Extremely proud of you Nichol Stark for pursuing your passion and dream and what a special moment to have your daughter Katie share this with you. Awesome work also to the MC Hope Delahunty
Loved the inspiring range of speakers and the openness and honesty with which they shared their professional and personal journeys to inspire and support one another.

FemeTech Revolution

Nichol Stark and Naomi Simson

The Hilton, Sydney

Nichol Stark and Josh Melville

I really enjoyed being part of the FemeTech Revolution Inaugural Event today. Thanks to my fellow panel members Emma Caruso, MAIPM, CPPE, CPPD, CPPM, Kathryn Maggs, Cassy Read and Sarah Yip for sharing insights into their leadership journeys and to Nichol Stark and her daughter Katie for their insightful questions. Such an inspirational event to be part of!
Chantal Velasque
Portfolio Program Leader
Leadership panel

Fireside chat - Leadership

Emma Caruso, Kathryn Maggs, Chantal Velasque, Cassy Read, Sarah Yip

A few more wonderful comments

Loved the inspiring range of speakers and the openness and honesty with which they shared their professional and personal journeys to inspire and support one another.
Michelle Pascoe
I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of the FemeTech Revolution. I’d like to thank all the leaders who spoke at the conference, especially to Nichol Stark for running such a fulfilling event and giving me the opportunity to share my experiences and aspirations. You have all taught me something that I will keep close to my heart. It was such an incredible event that brought together such a diverse people together to empower females in STEM. Students make up 25% of the population but we are 100% of the future and if we can’t utilise the entire population then we are limited in the change we make and the ideas we innovate.
Nubia Mendes
Real Skills Education
What an inspirational first day at FemeTech Revolution Inaugural Event today. I am very much humbled to speak at this amazing event sharing my story of coming to Australia and how it has made me who I am as a leader. Fantastic work Nichol Stark and crew!
Zhilla Noorbakhsh

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Here is some more feedback

A heartfelt event with amazing leaders in attendance and lots of fascinating discussion..
Innovative approach and a great mix of speakers. Some empowering stories and real food for thought.
Thought provoking and empowering event

..and a few more

Enjoyed first day of FemeTech conference at the Hilton. Brilliant line up of speakers
Rominita Dass Sen
Senior Release Manager
Heartiest congratulations Nichol Stark for your inaugural Femetech Revolution, for your vision, courage and passion, for bringing together amazing speakers/people with a passion and for pulling it through so fabulously - It was an inspiring 2 days.
Tara Raman
Thanks Nic for the invitation to speak. It was one of the best events I have attended. It was great to see and feel the passion in the room.
Paul Muir
Co-Founder CertFair
A must event for any females working in Tech. The atmosphere at the FemeTech conference was amazing. A great opportunity to network with like-minded professionsal. Congratulations to Nichol & team..

Katie Stark with CEO of Code Like a Girl,
Ally Watson

It’s been a great couple of days hearing from fantastic speakers, reconnecting with old friends and meeting so many inspiring women at the FemeTech Revolution. Congratulations Nichol Stark for a great event. It was also my privilege to share my career orienteering guide, which has been so helpful for me over the years, in a masterclass. Can’t wait for next year!!
Samantha Rush
Legion Consulting
sam rush
I got the pleasure to attend the #FemetechRevolution and all the speakers were so different but so inspiring! Loved Mita Bedi for her honesty and empowering speech about being a strong CEO and a mum, Sarah Yip for her passion and commitment for change Yasmin London for her energy on stage and I learned so much about kids safety online, Naomi Simson for her incredible journey at BRG, Roma Christian inspired us with her journey, learned about big data and how it’s going to impact everyone with Katya Lakes and I loved Ally Watson from Code Like a Girl she has a great story and I love how she stand in the way of empowering more young girls in STEMS! Thanks Nichol Stark for organising this amazing event!
Caroline LePron
CEO & Founder Skoutli
I am absolutely overwhelmed by the past 2 days, I have so much information, inspiring stories and advice to share from the FemeTech Revolution conference. Thank you Nichol Stark for bringing us all together. I am proud to work for an organisation that sponsors such a valuable empowering event and I’ll be sharing some of my highlights and joining multiple fan clubs..
Siobhan Sinclair

Fireside chat - Technology

Jacky Carter, Amy-Rose Goodey, Elissa Farrow and Yasmin London

Just a few more wonderful comments

Well #FemeTechRevolution event with Nichol Stark was indeed an awesomely successful 2 days. The amazing team at Real Skills Education (RSE) who spent weeks preparing proved their great planning and even greater execution ability and deserve a huge congrats! The talented university student participation at today’s expo segment showcasing innovations in STEM and technology couldn’t have been more interesting. We featured both RSE STEM Leaders Program participants in addition to UNSW Women in Technology hackathon winners. I’d say there were many impressed industry attendees, I’m open to all sponsorship offers...😜 Seriously though, I loved watching the teams thriving and making the most of the opportunity. I’m a proud member of the RSE team. Well done Nubia Mendes, Raymond Su, Steven Huynh, Matthew Lim, Shehan Wijetunga, Samir Mustavi, Justis Nguyen and the long list of many more, too many to mention. A great opportunity for us at Real Skills, so grateful to Nichol Stark and hope to join you again at the next one!
Raymond Kouchoo
Director, Real Skills Education
I shared my personal journey at the FemeTech Revolution Event. My key message was I came to Australia not knowing a word of English. In the same way, I came into hashtag#technology not knowing a thing. Just like how I learnt English as a immigrant, I learnt tech. TECH IS A MINDSET. It’s not something you need to have studied at university. The purpose of speaking at the hashtag#femetechrevolution was to empower more females to pursue hashtag#tech careers. I hope my journey inspires more females to pursue hashtag#tech careers.
Mellonie Francis
CEO Rareiio

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