Personal & Corporate Coaching Services for Women in Tech

My individual and corporate programs turn professionals into empowered and dynamic leaders!

It is essential to identify the impact any transformation has on ourselves and our teams, supporting them through disruption and innovation.

I’ll help you embrace diversity, compassion and humility to find greater purpose in the tech world!

“I want to inspire the uninspired, motivate the unmotivated, challenge the challenged.”
Nichol Stark

Individual Programs

One-on-one coaching for professional women who wish to move into the tech space, elevate into technology leadership or enhance their existing leadership capability.

Develop strategies to grow your confidence, identify your passion and unlock your full potential to THRIVE as a woman in tech.

Explore your full value

Live and lead with greater confidence!

Experience what it feels like to be a strong, empowered women in tech

Elevate your career to become a dynamic transformational leader

Women in Leadership – Corporate Workshops

Do you feel like you’re alone in a dynamic industry. That you don’t have enough female role models and leaders around to support and inspire you?
Group coaching for like-minded female leaders in tech, who want to Explore, Experience, Elevate and Evolve, as well as continue to build awareness across STEM technology disciplines.
Nurture more female role models and mentors, and empower other women to find their value and voice!

Explore your true passion and discover what makes you the passionate leader you are today

Experience being part of a community of professional, driven, like minded women who will support you and your journey

Elevate your career to become a dynamic transformational leader

Evolve into the leader that you want to be!

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

Your teams are your most valuable asset!

Organisations with passion and purpose evoke commitment, confidence and empowerment. Corporate diversity and inclusion workshops assisting organisations ‘push for greatness’, crafting workplace cultures built on the foundations of authentic leadership, learning, vision and values.

Attracting and retaining women in tech is paramount for a profitable, diverse and high performance workplace and organisation.

Let’s change the conversation from ‘we need better gender diversity’ to ‘we need diversity of thought leaders who solve complex problems with fit for purpose and innovative solutions’.

Bespoke workshops to explore strategies for true transformation including my individualised Return to Work program.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable. This is a world of fast past change and the ability to be adaptable, collaborative and curious, will ensure your survival.

– Nichol Stark


Thank you for all of the support you have provided my business over the last 4 months. I am a relatively new start up and having the ability to discuss my strategy and opportunities to grow has been invaluable. With your program structure, I have stopped worrying about anything and everything and now have a clear and concise focus of where my energies should be.
- Anita Brown, Founder

Nichol has been my mentor for nearly 8 years. When we first met, I had just rolled off a graduate program as a system tester and was looking for my next challenge. Nic has guided me through various roles and experiences; Testing, Functional Analyst, Iteration Manager and Project Lead. Nic continues to challenge me and push me to greatness. We are now working on people leadership capability and how to seamlessly transition into a technology leadership role. I am extremely nervous, but happy Nichol will guide and support all the way.
- Jenny F – Project Lead

10 words to describe Nichol – honest, caring, professional, empathetic, dedicated, genuine, positive, respectful, passionate, determined and fun! Ok, that’s 11 – but the last one is important as Nichol understands the need to be a strong woman who can see the lighter side of life…Work is hard and at times difficult, but Nichol has helped show me that you can have a balance!
- Evelyn Walters, Executive Manager

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