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We've all been to one of 'those' events. You know the one I'm talking about - you're hiding yawns, covering your paper in random doodles and thinking about all the work you could be doing if it weren't for this lacklustre event and boring AF speaker. 

Let's flip that scenario on its head. I'm an engaging, thought-provoking speaker that won't leave your audience wondering WTF. I'll energise them, motivate them and provide implementable actions that leave them buzzing to get started. 

Your audience deserves A RELATABLE KEYNOTE SPEAKER

Do a search on Google and you’ll find a tonne of Australian keynote speakers to choose from. Celebrity speakers, sports speakers and the good old entertaining warm up act. Many share stories of survival and overcoming extreme odds to live fulfilling lives. Don’t get me wrong, these are amazing stories that must be heard but they can also be hard for people to connect with and relate to.  As humans, we have this innate desire to compare ourselves with others, to ‘put ourselves in their shoes’. My no BS approach to keynote speaking is down-to-earth and fresh.

Sure, I have my own survival story – I’m a partner, mum, and past high-flying corporate career woman living other people’s version of success. I’ve battled physical and mental illness and I’ve prioritised all the wrong areas of my life, costing me time, money and relationships. But, I threw it all in and now I’m living my best life as an intuitive life and business coach.  My keynote speaking, whether for your next event or as a guest speaker on your podcast, will challenge and motivate your audience to evaluate their life as it is, so they can intuitively start or continue their journey towards the life they long for.

Illuminating and informative topics that EMPOWER YOUR AUDIENCE TO FIND THEIR BEST SELF

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In this raw and honest session, Nichol will uncover the myths, challenges and rock bottom times experienced when she left her corporate career and launched her new business. Nichol will discuss the chain of events from a corporate high – to hitting rock bottom when launching her business - to elevating herself into a sought-after and respected coach.

  • What is your identity
  • Identifying and moving through the stages of grief
  • Ways to acknowledge and work through self limiting beliefs with self-care and compassion
  • Finding that sweet spot
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We’ve all felt it at some time or another, imposter syndrome! For some, it has become an excuse; for others, a moment of flight, fight or freeze – but for Nichol, she will explore and share how imposter syndrome can work for you, not against you

  • What is imposter syndrome
  • Ways you may feel like an imposter
  • Characteristics of imposter syndrome
  • What triggers imposter syndrome
  • How to take action and break the pattern
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Nichol has been on an emotional, energetic, physical and mental journey over the past 30 years. There have been tears, self-loathing, depression and anxiety that lead her to really question who she was and even if she liked that person.

Since leaving her corporate gig in 2018, Nichol has been on a journey of self-discovery and, more importantly – self-love.

During this session, Nichol will share her journey, her secret to self-love and how you to can find the beauty within

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Helping you boldly live THE LIFE YOU DESIRE AND DESERVE

Nichol Stark Business Coaching for Women Sydney

You empower those to shine

As a coach you are very aware of the needs of those around you: Many coaches can be brilliant in intellect and excel academically. However, lack in this aspect which limits their capacity to feel empathy, motivate and interact effectively socially with those they are meant to be leading.  You empower those to shine and “go get” their development goals.

Priscilla Cignarella, Business Analyst, Suncorp

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Keynote Speaker Bio NICHOL STARK

Nichol Stark is the founder and intuitive life and business coach behind Nichol Stark Coaching. Working predominantly with women seeking transformation, healing and support to live their best life, Nichol’s approach to coaching is like no other. She’s soulful, empowering and loves nothing more than helping her clients and audience connect to all aspects of their life so they can attract the life that they not only desire but deserve.

Having lived a high-flying corporate career for over 20 years in executive positions with AMP, Woolworths Limited and Suncorp, Nic’s journey to overcoming physical and mental illness to discover her version of success and happiness is relatable to many women. She’s certified with the Australian Institute of Professional Coaching, the Change Management Institute Australia, was a 2020 finalist in the Hawkesbury Women in Business Awards, Awarded 2021 Best Female Focussed Business & Technology Coach, co-hosts the Real Talk for Women in Business podcast and is regularly published as a guest writer for Thrive Global.