Love letter to my client

Love letter to my client



To my dearest client,


I know you, I see you and I feel you!


I know you!

I know that for many years now you have been strong for everyone around you. Your family, your colleagues and the organisation you work for (or even your own business).

You have been amazing. You have kept your head held high and you have made shit happen.

Your friends are amazed that you work so hard and can manage home and a career and still look sane. You like this and you enjoy being someone they admire.

I know you. I know that you are strong, and I know that you don’t want to let anyone down. You want people to come to you. You want those around you to respect and look up to you.

I know that you love the rush. I know that you love the energy of working hard and working for a reason. You love the challenge, you love the chase and you love working with the people around you.


I see you!

I see you working late nights. I see you not seeing your partner or your kids. I see that you have to work on weekends and don’t get to see your friends or you are too tired to see them. I see that you have no time for you.

I see that you take pride in your work and I see that you want to be the best but more importantly, I see you want those around you to rise and be all they can be.

I see that you support them, even when your own work suffers, and I see that you don’t want to let others down – even if it means letting yourself down.

I see that you are trying to make a good life for your family.  I see you are trying to make a good life for you.


I feel you!

I feel your joy when you are on an adrenalin high. I feel your sadness that you don’t feel like you have a life outside work and I feel your sadness, because you feel alone, and not listened to.

I feel the love you have for your career. I feel the love you have for your family. I feel that you put yourself last all the time.

I feel your passion -it runs deep.

I also feel your sadness….you are so passionate, but it drains your energy.

I feel you are lost. You know what you want, but not sure how to get there because you’ve been doing everything to get to the job and life you want – but you haven’t got there yet.

I feel you need some support. I feel you need some nurturing. I feel you need someone to listen to you. I feel you want to reconnect to you, to mother earth and to those around you .

I feel that you know it’s time for a change. I feel that you want more for you, for those around you. I feel that you are on the verge of transformation.


I am here for you

We share similar values of honesty, growth, connections, acceptance, collaboration and trust.

My support can help you reconnect to your passion, to your values and I can help you understand what is going on in your mind, body and soul.

I will hold space for you to recharge, to reconnect and to restore all that you are, your career and help build your confidence.

My souls’ purpose is to help you. My purpose is to make sure you can be the best version of yourself. My purpose is to rebuild all that has been worn away. Rebuild with purpose and intent, rebuild with love and passion, rebuild with strength and determination.

I am committed to your growth, to your healing and to your reconnection.

I am not a stranger. I will accept you with open arms, an open heart and an open mind.

I will stretch you, I will challenge you and I will invite you to reconnect to you.

Your strength will come from exploring who you are, redefining the experience you want, elevating with greater purpose and evolving, continually evolving.

Feeling loved, accepted, trusted and connected.

Working with me will be gentle. I will guide you through your challenges. I will never make you feel less than you are – because you are amazing!! I will ensure our journey together is measured and safe – but full of exploration and growth.

This will not be like other coaching sessions that you go, pay and then leave – this will not be transactional. Our time together will be transformational. You will leave feeling fulfilled and ready for action.

I want to help you. I can help you.  Please allow me the time and space to support you.

With love and light.

Nic xxx



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    Passion the site– really individual pleasant and lots to see!

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