Elevate your career, boost your confidence, and become more empowered as a Woman in Tech!

Looking to elevate your career in the tech industry, but feel that because you don’t have a specialist degree in computer science or other tech specific skills, you feel you’ll be overlooked?
Do you feel alone and isolated with limited access to female role models and leaders to help, support and inspire you?
Have you lost your resilience and lack confidence to speak up and be heard?
In this dynamic, fast-paced, ever-evolving tech world, it’s never been more important for women to be an integral part of this new age!
Join me as I propel YOU into the FemeTech Revolution!
Whether you’re looking to transition into the tech industry, have been in the industry for years, or ready to return to the workplace, I’ll help you find your confidence, achieve greater success and be the empowered woman you want to be!
Together, we will recognise your strength, know your strength and celebrate your strength as a woman in tech!
Be strong. Be empowered. Be challenged.
Accelerate your career through my coaching, networking, and advocacy.


Are you a woman in tech? Passion is your POWER!

I believe that diversity breeds compassion! Having worked for over 20 years in the tech industry, I’m a proud advocate for inclusive workplaces, filled with driven female leaders who support innovation, individuality and diversity!

The FemeTech Revolution is all about creating an inspiring community of like-minded and performance-driven professional women in technology.

So, join my FemeTech Revolution today! As your coach and mentor, I will help you explore your passion, unlock your full potential and THRIVE as a woman in tech!

In order for women in tech to thrive and not just survive, they need to have a voice and be valued so they can live and lead with greater passion and purpose.

– Nichol Stark


The age of technology transformation is fast-paced, exhilarating, and ever-evolving. It can be difficult just to stay ahead of the game!

Whether you are a woman in technology looking for more support or career advancement or an organisation looking to empower your teams and leaders to THRIVE, my programs provide proven real-life strategies and frameworks that work!

I’ve worked with hundreds of professional women in tech at the highest level of corporate, and now, I use my passion, experience and expertise to craft more inclusive workplace cultures built on the foundations of authentic leadership, learning, vision and values.

I drive success through mentoring, coaching and nurturing the development of people within the organisation to influence positive change and create more inclusive, effective and profitable workplaces.
The FemeTech Revolution is my way of giving back to the tech community; to move them into a brave new future and push for greatness!


Individual Programs

Do you lack confidence in your current technology role? Do you want to stay relevant in an ever changing environment?

Or are you READY to disrupt the status quo and transition into the tech industry?

Whether you’re already in tech or want to break into it, my individual one-on-one coaching program will maximise your opportunities, leverage your skills and expertise and live your dream!


Women in Leadership – Corporate Workshops

Are you a woman in tech? If you want to learn, engage and inspire, join like-minded women in tech through my corporate group coaching workshop.

This intensive program sparks collaboration, communication, courage, compassion, and curiosity amongst women!


Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Does your business want to develop more committed, confident, and empowered technology teams?

My diversity and inclusion workshops, strive for greatness by crafting workplace cultures built on the foundations of authentic leadership, learning, and values. We will not only explore attraction strategies, but also look at your retention.


As a leader you are very aware of the needs of those around you: those who report to you, your stakeholders and your managers Many leaders can be brilliant in intellect and excel academically. However, lack in this aspect which limits their capacity to feel empathy, motivate and interact effectively socially with those they are meant to be leading. You are able to work, lead and deliver while keeping in mind the development and personal needs of those you lead. We are humans and are very much influenced by personal circumstances which has a direct impact in the quality and performance we have at work.
- Priscilla C– Portfolio Analyst

Nichol is an insightful, professional colleague whom I have had the pleasure to know on both a professional and personal level for over 30 years. Nichol supports women to see the heart of the matter, providing strategies that are able to be effectively implemented and understands the contemporary issues that women in workplaces face. When working with Nichol I felt heard and supported and know that she is positioned to provide regular, ongoing support and networking opportunities
- Cassy Read, Director – Pre School

I’ve known Nichol for nearly 10 years. We were colleagues in the corporate world and navigated the highs and lows of many new opportunities, restructures and continuous budget cuts. I’m sure this sounds familiar to many people. One thing always stood out to me about Nichol; her positive attitude and ability to keep teams focussed and look to the future, and work with what is in the present. Nichol always offered honest feedback and helped everyone see the potential they have – and coached many colleagues to promotions and new career opportunities, internal and external to our organisation. Nichol made many brave decisions, always backed herself and walks the talk about embracing change. If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares about your goals and understands you want regular support, she’s your woman.
- Jen Gearing, Regional Account Director – Mobile solutions



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