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Empowerment Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t matter if we work together on your business, your life or your leadership goals (or all three!). I’m an empowerment coach. I’m a mindset coach. I’m your personal cheerleader and you can count on me to be there when you need. Helping you holistically to realise your potential and value your worth. Helping you kick ass when it comes to fulfilling your life goals. But it’s fair to say you’ve got questions – that’s cool. Let me answer some of your empowerment coaching frequently asked questions. 

Coaching is all about you! My intuitive empowerment and mindset coaching style mean that we work from your inside out. We’ll focus on what’s important to you, like your values and goals, and we’ll identify your strengths and areas where you need extra support. Then we’ll use this information to focus on either your immediate, short term or longer-term goals and how you’ll achieve them.

Great question! If you’re feeling lost, stuck, doubting your self-worth or you can’t seem to focus – coaching could be the perfect solution. Together we’ll holistically uncover what’s holding you back so you can overcome those challenges and move forward. Empowerment coaching will help you say goodbye to self-destructive habits and improve your mindset so you confidently face any major transition or challenge that comes your way.

There are many ways that you can feel supported in your personal and professional life. Coaching is generally a short-term relationship that focuses on a particular problem or goal. I offer coaching packages of eight week or six month duration which is plenty of time to arm you with the strategies you need to resolve an issue, plan for a transition or improve your relationships, business or career.

On the other hand, mentoring tends to be longer-term with someone that has been in a similar business or role to what you’re in and is in a role that you’re aspiring to.

Finally, consulting is engaging with a business to provide expert advice in order to improve organisational performance. 

I’m glad you asked this question. Choosing the right empowerment coach really boils down to the connection between you and your coach, and the coaching style that best aligns with who you are as a person. There’s not a one size fits all approach to coaching, which is why I offer a free clarity call – so you and I can see if we’ll work well together.

My approach to coaching is holistic and intuitive. It’s not narrowly focused on one area of your life or business and we won’t just focus on the quickest pathway to the outcome you’re seeking. In my experience, clients get the best results when they understand how every aspect of their life is connected and to really achieve the dream life you desire, every area must be in alignment with each other. And, helping you understand this and achieve great transformation is what I do best.

Our weekly sessions will be held via Zoom (video). During these sessions I will stretch you, I will challenge you and I will invite you to reconnect…with you. 

As an empowerment and mindset coach, working with me will be gentle and I’ll guide you as we explore your challenges and opportunities for growth...I will also call out when you are telling yourself B.S 🙂

I am a practical and pragmatic coach. What you see is what you get!

You’ll never feel less than you are – because you’re amazing! Your journey working with me will feel measured and safe but full of exploration and growth.

You’ve got every right to ask about qualifications when it comes to working with a coach. Here are my qualifications:

  • Fully certified life, business, leadership and executive coach with the Australian Institute of Professional Coaching
  • Certified in Project and Change Management with the Change Management Institute Australia
  • I have spent over 15 years coaching team members and leaders. That’s over 2,000 days of support, coaching, mentoring, leading and guiding others to overcome obstacles and achieve their life dreams.
  • I have successfully supported women and men as they have transitioned from one career to a completely new career or a whole new life choice. 
  • I have helped transition teams into high performing teams and continued to lead them as they further developed and achieved organisational goals.
  • I have been an executive manager for teams from 10 people to 1000 people, working with people from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and life goals.

My coaching is more than just theory – it’s founded on life and practical experience. As an intuitive empowerment coach, I’ll listen to you, break through the bullshit and get to the crux of the problem. I’ll help you realise that there are no more excuses or hiding – it’s time to break free and live your best life.

This depends on you, your needs and the outcome you’d like to achieve.

For immediate challenges, I recommend choosing one of my four-week packages. These 4 x 60-minute sessions drill down on what’s going on for you right now and focus on an immediate outcome.

For short term goals, you would be suited to a eight-week package. This package includes 6 x 60-minute sessions that go deeper and focuses holistically on what’s holding you back as well as strategies and actions to get you moving closer to your dream business, lifestyle or career.

If after one of these packages you’d like to work with me on a longer-term basis (e.g. three or six months) to achieve greater change and transformation, we can discuss a custom package that’s suited to your needs.

The cost of conscious & empowerment coaching depends on the type of coaching you need and whether you are able to pay upfront or would prefer instalments. As an indication, 

Private one off session is $255

8 week program is $1,515

6 month program is $4,444

Note: this will be dependant on payment preference. 

If you’re worried about affordability, let’s get you booked in for your FREE, no-obligation clarity call so we can discuss your budget, preferred package and payment options.

You’ll also hear from me at the start of the week to see how you’re feeling and to ask if you require any additional support for that week. And, unlike many coaches, I offer unlimited email and text messages in between your sessions. I’ll respond within 12- 24 hours so I’m always here to support you when you need me most.

If you’re looking for an intuitive empowerment coach that holds space for you to learn, grow, think, feel and be – I’m right here.

The first step will be booking your free clarity call. This is where we can get to know each other and you can put my coaching style and skills to the test. Basically, you get to ‘try before you buy’.  If after that, we both decide to work together, I’ll send you a proposal that’s right for your life, business and budget. As soon as you’ve paid for your package either in full or your first instalment, we’ll book your first 60-minute session and get started on achieving the transformation or overcoming that tricky challenge so you can feel confident you’re on the path to your version of success and happiness.


I’m your safe space for empowering advice and support, helping you achieve transformation in your life, business or leadership position.