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Leadership coaching for EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN

Are you starting to question or doubt your ability as a leader?  Have you been thrust into a leadership position with little to no experience? Or, are you starting to question the effectiveness of your leadership style and how you can positively impact those around you? Leadership coaching gives you the clarity, support and motivation to see yourself and others more clearly so you can build productive relationships and achieve your goals. Now more than ever, we need heart-centred leaders who have the compassion, drive and strength to lead teams through times of uncertainty.

The clarity and confidence TO LEAD STARTS FROM WITHIN

Whether your career has taken you in the corporate direction, or you're a business owner with a team, continuing to develop and fine-tune your heart-centred leadership skills can have a valuable impact on your version of a long-term successful career. My intuitive approach to leadership coaching combined with my long-standing corporate career is the perfect combination for leaders that are willing to embrace a deeper approach to self-development.

You’ll learn to tap into your own intuition through self-reflection and mindfulness so you positively influence and inspire the team around you. It's a holistic approach to leadership, solutions and strategy. One where you're not just guided by processes and procedures, but you learn to lead from the heart and trust your 'gut' when it comes to decision making, collaboration and taking action in your organisation or business.


Eight Week Leadership Coaching Program

This eight-week intensive leadership program is perfect for leaders in a corporate or government role, or business owners with a team, that are seeking the clarity and confidence to tackle a challenging or emerging situation in their workplace. Together we'll work on your self-awareness and mindset so you feel empowered to approach and resolve this situation using your intuition, interpersonal strengths and leadership skills.

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  • Complimentary clarity call

    Let me make this really clear, your clarity call is cost and obligation-free. It's just the perfect opportunity to see if we're the right fit to work together. Plus, you'll walk away with some advice that you can start with right away.

  • Get to know you questionnaire

    This is where you tell me about what's going on in your workplace and what the immediate or emerging challenge is that you're facing, and what your ideal outcome looks like. 

  • 6 x 60 min weekly coaching sessions

    It's time to get started. Over the next eight weeks, we'll holistically explore the issue, your capability and your mindset to ensure that you're equipped and confident to follow through on your next steps.

  • Out of session contact

    Don't worry, your coaching doesn't end after each session. I'm available through email and chat to answer any questions or provide extra guidance for issues that arise outside of our coaching sessions.

Six Month Leadership Coaching Program

As a leader, you know better than most that a one-size approach to managing people simply doesn't work. It just happens to be that this rings true for leadership coaching as well. If you're looking to enhance your existing leadership skills through self-awareness and skill development, look no further. You’ll feel empowered and enabled with the tools you need to be an authentic leader with purpose.

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  • Complimentary clarity call

    Forking out the big bucks without truly knowing the results leaves you with sweaty palms. I get it - honestly, I do. That's why you've got this free opportunity to put my coaching style and skills to the test - obligation-free, of course.

  • Get to know you questionnaire

    You tell me about your immediate and longer-term leadership goals. I'll ask you about your strengths and where you see yourself making some improvements.

  • 18 x 60 min weekly coaching sessions

    Over the next six months, you’re going on a journey that not only provides you with effective leadership tools and resources but provides deeper insights into your self-awareness and leadership style so you can lead with purpose and impact. 

  • Out of session contact

    Don't worry, your coaching doesn't end after each session. I'm available through email and chat to answer all any questions or provide extra guidance for issues that arise outside of our coaching sessions. 

Helping you boldly live THE LIFE YOU DESIRE AND DESERVE

Nichol Stark Business Coaching for Women Sydney

Elevated my confidence tremendously

The combination of subject matter expertise, great leadership and coaching skills mixed with Nichol being an amazing person makes her such a unique coach.

Her methodology of coaching follows a structured approach and at the same time blends with making it suitable for your needs and learning. Through the various sessions, I have uncovered some skills I didn’t realise I had, which has elevated my confidence tremendously. Her approach and coaching sessions, helped me build a suitable and structured approach that works for me and my style and that I believe is her niche. Additionally, during those sessions, I was also going through job changes and interviews. Some of the sessions turned into preparing for the interview.

Nichol’s guidance has been exceptional and boosted my confidence to identify and take on more leadership in my roles. The experience was enriching and empowering. I will recommend Nic as a coach, mentor and guide to anyone who is starting a new business or is struggling with where their career is at or seeking guidance on taking their career to a next level.

Tara Raman, Project Manager

Coaching for female leaders READY TO ROCK THEIR DREAM CAREER

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With intuitive leadership coaching, you'll not only develop increased confidence and drive to lead with purpose, you'll also discover and enhance your existing leadership capabilities to create a positive impact on yourself, your career, team and organisation.

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Nothing kills a career faster than self-doubt. It's what keeps you stuck in a role that you're no longer passionate about and everyone around you senses it too. Leadership coaching unpacks all this and empowers you to believe in yourself so you can boldly achieve your version of a successful career. 


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Whether it be your personal goals or the goals of your team and organisation, intuitive leadership coaching encourages and supports you to take action. You'll move through difficult choices and situations more easily and feel empowered to cultivate and achieve new goals. 


Give your business idea the kick-start it needs with this FREE 50 point checklist designed to turn your dream business idea into a reality. 

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Soulful leadership is heartfelt, mindful and empowering to those around you. Nichol Stark, Intuitive Life & Business Coach

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I’m your safe space for empowering advice and support, helping you achieve transformation in your life, business or leadership position.