Before we launch into talking about me, let’s talk about you.

You've got shit going on in your life and it's holding you back. The courage you once had to tackle challenges head-on has made way for confusion and overwhelm. The voice inside your head constantly tells you how much you don't deserve success or happiness and it's keeping you awake at night.

Perhaps, you've fallen into some not-so-healthy habits and there's a general feeling in your heart that you're stuck in a rut. But what’s really holding you back?

  • Is it overwhelm, lack of confidence, or that shitty self-doubt talk?
  • Could it be that you’re second-guessing every damn decision you make in your life, business, or career?
  • Or are you sick and tired of going at it alone? 

Believe me when I tell you that I've been there - I get it. The thoughts and emotions you're experiencing now, I have too. But, I overcame them and you can too. 

I coach and empower women in life, business, and positions of leadership to intuitively connect all aspects of their life so they can attract the life and business that they not only desire but deserve. 

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Give life to YOUR BIG DREAMS

As a woman, you’re many things to many people - partner, wife, mother or carer. You’re uniquely you and so are your goals and dreams for the future. But juggling it all and making yourself a priority doesn’t always come naturally. So let’s get one thing straight - you deserve to have it all. Say this out loud (go on - do it!) - 'I deserve to fearlessly and confidently pursue the work I love, the income I desire, and the lifestyle I long to live'. 

With over 15 years of coaching and mentoring, my experience tells me that there’s a disconnect between your passion, life, emotions, spirituality, and authentic self. You’ve lost, or never found, the elements of your life or business that energise and motivate you to keep moving forward. As your intuitive life and business coach, I’ll help you uncover what sets your soul on fire so you can build a balanced and energised life or business that brings those big dreams to life.

Your voice and dreams matter. YOU MATTER

I'm genuinely invested in helping you succeed in life and business - whatever that looks and feels like for you. In fact, nothing brings me more joy than witnessing the transformative breakthroughs that see my clients soar to new levels of happiness and financial success.

Wondering what my strengths are and what sets me apart from other life or business coaches?

Nichol Stark - Business Coach NSW
Helping women realise their worth and lifting them up to achieve a version of success and happiness that's unique to them.
Nichol Stark - Business Coach NSW (1)
Instinctively knowing when something isn't right with someone and helping them let go of what no longer serves them.
Nichol Stark - Business Coach NSW (3)
Guiding women in business to grow personally and professionally, while staying true to their values, their brand, and taking care of themselves.
Nichol Stark - Business Coach NSW (2)
Intuitive life and business coaching that focuses on a much deeper level than traditional coaching. I'm talking energy, emotions, spirituality and healing.

Helping you boldly live THE LIFE YOU DESIRE AND DESERVE

Nichol Stark Business Coaching for Women Sydney

An inspiration to myself

I don't know where to start. What an amazing woman. I am extremely privileged to work with Nic for a number of years and through different roles. She has been an inspiration to myself and a number of people around her. Her passion and zest for people is inspiring. I enjoy every moment I spend with her and walk away with a smile. She has a wealth of knowledge, is an amazing leader, coach and mum. There needs to be many more Nic's in the world. She has so much to offer to everyone around her. I am certainly richer for having such an amazingly special person in my life, and have been touched by her. She has helped be there to support me through the transition in my life. There are not enough words to describe Nic. You are amazing.

Emma Caruso, Executive Manager, Q Super

Nichol Stark Business Coaching for Women Sydney

I felt heard and supported

Nichol is an insightful, professional colleague whom I have had the pleasure to know on both a professional and personal level for over 30 years. Nichol is heart centred which helps to support and see the heart of the matter with women who have stalled in their career, providing strategies that are able to be effectively implemented and understands the contemporary issues that women face. When working with Nichol I felt heard and supported and know that she is positioned to provide regular, ongoing support and networking opportunities.

Cassy Read, Retired

It’s your journey. BUT DON’T WALK IT ALONE

We’re in this together for as little or as long as you need. Women typically work with me because they’re looking for a change that goes beyond goal-setting, skills and advice. It’s heart-felt and stems from a desire to release the blockages and self-sabotaging habits that hold them back. They want to feel more empowered, more confident and open to the love and abundance of opportunities that life brings them.

Where does your journey start?

Life and Business Coach - Nichol Stark - Woman on a laptop in her lounge with a child drawing in the background


The time has come to reclaim your life and to create something that's uniquely yours. You're ready to finally step into who you want to be, the life you want to live, and the business you dream of growing.


You know you're meant for more but you've never had the confidence to take it further. Find the safe space you need to unblock and unlock a life of possibility and potential. 


Stop comparing yourself to other women's versions of success. This is your time to embrace and believe in your strengths, your capabilities, and your dreams.


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Hold up! Let’s rewind. HERE’S MY JOURNEY

Wondering where Nichol Stark Coaching came from? It all started in 2018 when a corporate job that I was no longer happy in was literally sucking the life out of me. I was unhealthy, burned out, and snapping at those around me. Don't get me wrong, I had a stellar career managing teams across large-scale strategic projects for big corporations. I coached and mentored leaders and managers, lifting confidence, capabilities and kicking million-dollar KPIs as I went. 

I lived the high-flying, big-dollar lifestyle that so many people consider the epitome of success. 

Flip the coin and I battled mental illness, autoimmune diseases, and crippling endometriosis. My corporate career no longer fuelled my passion and after 23 years, I knew I had more to offer. I also knew I needed to realign my energy, thoughts, and spirituality to make way for the life I wanted to live.

I took the plunge that you've got in the back of the mind, or that you've already taken. I threw it all in and launched a business that reignited my life and soul. Coaching and mentoring women to lead from their heart is my calling - and, I just happen to be pretty damn good at it!

Four quick facts ABOUT NICHOL STARK

My CFO is a pet bearded dragon named Ollie

In 2016, I raised $10k shaving my long red hair for the World's Greatest Shave and a children’s charity.

I volunteered for the 2000 Sydney Olympics and special Olympics. I loved being a part of the games and the ticker tape parade down the main St in Sydney

My perfect day is sitting on my front veranda with a cuppa, my kids, my hubby and just talkin’ shit.


With my life or business coaching packages you'll discover the clarity and confidence you need to start living a life you love. 

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